Should a Self-Driving Car Kill the Baby or the Grandma? Depends on Where You’re From
MIT Technology Review

What about the millions of people that are killed every year by government gangs and the willing participants that believe it is okay to hire people to steal money from other people (taxes), even though they have no right to steal money themselves. The real problem is we need to find some “I” on the planet before you try and make “AI”.. because what I have seen mostly is “S” (stupidity), and if they are mimicking that with a computer what they are really creating is “AS”, (artificial stupidity, duh). So yes, in the trolly example, if you can switch the track, how about switching it half way right when the trolly is going over the switch track and derail the trolly? And with the grandma/baby choice, how about going between them, or veering off the road? Or detecting well in advance and not going so fast that you can’t stop in time, duh.. what a dumb problem. Like I said, they are just creating AS.