Where do the USD come from for them to tax?
Jason E

Wow, spoken like a well trained slave begging for your own slaver. The “USD” are printed out of thin air, by a PRIVATE COMPANY, the Federal Reserve is a private bank, and USD aren’t backed by anything. Plus, people are forced to use them as money at gunpoint.

As for your comment “ Yes taxes free up private resources for government to purchases for police, military etc but you can’t really call that theft as it benefit all.”

You still call it “taxes”… call it what it is, theft. Yes theft frees up private resources, by STEALING THEM… it doesn’t matter if you get something in return.. in this case, getting “police, and military”… WHO NEEDS THEM? We have our own guns… the only people to be afraid of are the police an military, for a number of reasons:

  1. Police are under NO OBLIGATION to protect anyone “Supreme Court Ruling Warren vs. District of Columbia”
  2. No country is going to ever take over a country where every citizen is armed… 300 million armed people, don’t need a “military”.
  3. It is still theft; if someone steals your wallet and then uses some of the money to buy you a sandwich that you didn’t want, GUESS WHAT, it is still theft.
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