How To Categorize Your Friends in Facebook

Profile Picture

Last weekend I borrowed this head band from a friend. I’ve seen several girls wear this piece of cloth and I think it’s cute. So I put it on, asked my friend to take a photo of me and when I looked at it, I was pleased with the photo. It looked nice and girly.

I don’t update my profile photo that often but last night I updated my facebook and waited for reaction. It wasn’t a social experiment whatsoever but here’s what I found out:

The people who know me from 12 years ago to today “liked” and “loved (heart)” my photo. They may have find it cute or pretty. They were the most polite and they left the nicest comments. These people either know me at work, I’ve met during my travels, my social media friends or people I know after college. In other words, they are the recently added friends in my circle.

Those who know me beyond 12 years left the most comedic, playful, and sarcastic remark. They are the funniest!

These people know me in grade school. They were classmates whom I grew up to be friends with until today. Some are my college best friends who welcomed me in their homes, put up with my tantrums, shook off my mood swings, laughed at my nasty jokes and understood my struggle. These people have seen me cry and were annoyed at me at some point in our lives. They know these words would not infuriate me but rather counter them with more insulting words.

This kind of interaction is interesting. It’s how people react according to how they perceive you, how vulnerable you are, or maybe some are just being cautious — that a simple comment could make or break a relationship. 
Clearly, the old ones weren’t and I’m happy they know me that much.