Writing True — Day 1

The hardest part in writing, aside from showing your vulnerability to the world, is admitting your flaws. Today’s day 1 of writing true assignment is laying down your luggage. And wow it took me awhile to swallow my pride and write down my fears and apprehensions. So here goes:

  1. I don’t even know where to begin even after several attempts to brainstorm ideas.
  2. I seem to know a lot of words but I can’t put them into writing. (or maybe I know a lot?- see? self-doubting at its finest!)
  3. I want to celebrate writing as a form of art but I usually settle with the norm and what normally sells.
  4. I want to impress people with my writing which makes me overthink ending up not writing at all. :(
  5. And even if I write anything I fear that people will judge me through my writing.
  6. My grammar is an issue.
  7. I need a writing habit. I usually write out of necessity.
  8. I’ve started so many blogs before ending up not updating them. Worst, deleting them.

Here the photos that are not related but these are stories of new friends and journeys:

Nami Island, South Korea
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