Reference a book you’ve never read, make a joking reference to a sci-fi show Wheaton was on two…
Brent Cottontail Kennedy

Do you mean “Rules for Radicals”, Brent? How do you know I haven’t read it? Have you been sneaking into my house and reading the spines in my bookcase AGAIN? OR just looking at my Library Thing page? Hate to break it to you, Sparky, but I have read it. Didn’t like it.

Yes, I made reference to what Mr. Wheaton has done with his life. I thought it more germane than to say “Shut up, Wesley!” like thousands of people around the world say every time he opens his leftist yap. I’m waiting for him to start making performance art, so we can stick him in a room with Shia The Beef.

I figured a Star Trek reference might get his ATTENTION, Brent. Seeing as actual reality has trouble making an impression. If, somehow, the current government has declared WAR on Russia lately and it hasn’t come to my attention, perhaps you’ll provide a link to a news story? The point is, all this “treason” talk, and the other claptrap being flung about like dung in the monkey house, is just that — dung. You have to be ENEMIES before treason is a thing. Russia hasn’t been our enemy, even a putative enemy, for decades. The big boojum in our closet was the Soviet Union, and they haven’t existed probably your ENTIRE LIFE. You ever have an air raid drill because the Russkis might drop the bomb any day now? I have. But we haven’t had any “hostilities between our respective governments” as long as you’ve been alive. I thought Mr. Wheaton might relate to a Star Trek quote. You talk to someone in the language they speak, after all.

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