I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

I think this is an immature response to the issue of intersectionality. All women from different circles have different experiences of womanhood. A black woman’s experience of womanhood is quite different from my own and I don’t get upset with her for wanting to be included in conversations, even if I have to make room for her vastly different experiences. There is room for conversation within the trans experience, because as you rightly point out, there are differences. But you seem to be taking your anger and pain over your sexual assault out on trans people and that’s not okay. Nobody is stopping you from having conversations with only cis people. Make those spaces for yourself. Don’t write angry bawwing articles on the internet about how trans people, the most marginalized group in the world, are invading your spaces. They are frankly too busy getting murdered and assaulted to worry about your feelings.

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