CNN And Fox News Bias Reporting Of The Hiring Of McMaster

Trumps administration has hired a new National security advisor named Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster. I read two articles from CNN and Fox News to get understanding on the liberal and conservative eye of view. The articles showed a different approach to the news. Both articles will show a different perspective to the news and how their opinions can affect the person reading it displaying a form of bias.

CNN shows that the hire of McMaster is a positive making multiple articles saying how it’s a great hire. When describing the story they question the Trump administration by their first national security advisor. Since he talked to the Russian ambassador and not revealing what the information about. Making it seem like Trump can’t be trusted. They also say that he wasn’t Trump’s first choice and interviewed others who declined. “McMaster was not Trump’s first choice to assume the role of national security adviser. Trump initially offered the position last week to retired Vice Adm. Robert Harward, who turned it down amid concerns about how the White House was being run” Trying to show that the president is not seen in a good eye. The perception as a reader had me thinking Trump was indecisive about his decision and wanted other candidates for the job. CNN wrote this to make it sound like the Trump administration was working in with Russia and didn’t disclose any information about the topic. Very little of the article had to do with McMaster credentials and more to do with the void of the job after firing of Flynn.

Fox News article was simply putting McMaster credentials and why he was qualified for the job. They had a whole paragraph on his credentials focusing on the topic of the hiring. This was more to do with McMaster than Trump unlike the CNN article. The reason for this is Fox News is a conservative network that would protect Trump interest.” Michael Flynn as the president’s national security adviser. Flynn was forced to resign after lying about talking to Russia, before he officially took the NSA post, about recently imposed sanctions.” This quote makes it sound like Trump’s staff had nothing to do with Flynn and his fault ending any controversy. The way it’s written makes it seem like the Trump administration did a great job and we are in good hands. The perception of this makes the article very positive and for Fox News it is positive. This article is shorter than CNN because CNN added the Russian controversy and potential issues with it.

The two articles show bias in the way they write to get the reader to feel worried or upbeat about the situation. CNN a liberal network, tried to make Trump seem as a questionable president that should not be there. Fox News a conservative network, tried to protect Trump by keeping extra information out of the article that was not needed. Both networks a polar opposite opinions which make the reader see the articles in different ways. Bias reporting affects many of Americans in the way they see articles about controversial topics.

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