Media Reflection

The things that standout about the class the most is the ability to know what’s a good piece of media and what’s complete biased reporting. Also understanding what’s fake and what’s not. To be more educated in these matter then our president.

Yes other schools should adopt the course because it probably gonna be more beneficial to the student then a normal class they already took 3 years of.

They should consider this for year long class because we didn’t finish all the material and more time would be needed for the class to learn all the material.

The advertisement unit is what I enjoyed the most because of the project it was nice to work with partner on it. Also the presentation could be pretty funny when people start arguing on which approach was needed. Also nice to get a second perspective on the projects.

Message to juniors that will be taking the class would be take class that would challenge your ideas and perception of news and the country. You will learn things that you didn’t know and won’t find in other classes. This class will be different than other English electives and will be more interesting probab

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