My Space

The space I take up in the world is just space… I am a supportive wife, a pretty good mother, an administrative assistant who is great at her job but doesn’t particularly enjoy it, a dedicated church volunteer, I’m not a very good friend, borderline OCD, definitely depressed, painfully introverted, witty at times, I once was pretty, organized, lonely, addicted to Candy Crush (level 777), honest to a fault and, obviously, lost. BUT I am dedicated to discovering self, I think, maybe.

I think? Maybe? Really??? That sound like dedication!

(I told you I was witty)

I’m scared. I’m scared of everything. I’m scared of starting this online blog/journal/whatever it is (inspired by Bridget Jones and the b-movie Mom’s Night Out) and ending up with nothing. Honestly, I’m not dedicated to self and that is the very reason I am going to try this blog thing out. Self discovery.

That sounds so lame.

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