Late last night, I walked into my bathroom, like so many times before, but this time I actually really did focus in all the way on that face, and that face belonged to me. I had looked into that mirror many times but never really saw myself and I was a little afraid, not much but a little. My son was still sleeping. Nevertheless, there I was standing in my underwear and staring back at me was a face that looked exactly like mine from the medicine cabinet mirror. This is what I saw. I first saw a guy with no hair on his head, when at one time there was plenty, however, I was not fretting. As I peered closer and even closer at that face, I notice that my eyes were kind of blue. It appeared that I was wearing contacts. I never wore contacts in my life. My skin had aged, my jaws had kind of sunken in and that made me look older. My aging forehead still hung over my eyes. The kids at my grammar school, when I attended, use to tease me by saying that I had my own eye shade from the blazing sun. I hardly paid it much attention then and I still do not pay it much attention now. Still looking at my face in the mirror, it occurred to me that face was the face of someone holding in some deep thoughts about almost everything. A face of

someone who is friendly, understanding, and super creative. That face is the face of a father, provider, and a leader. As I continued to pour over my one and only face, I saw someone who will always strive to do the best that he can, all the time. I saw someone who is his own man. No one owns me. This face does what it wants. This face is a face of someone who will not be controlled. It is a face of someone who still have dreams. And also, I saw someone who is not so good looking anymore. I saw someone who wants to get married again. I saw someone who will try to get along with everyone. I saw someone with a fiery temper at times. I saw someone who was still trying to look young with very little hope of that. I saw a strong face, a face I’m very proud of and counting. I see the face of a loving individual.

I saw a track where many of my tears had fallen. This face once again told me that I needed a shave. After flushing the toilet again, I was on my way back to bed to try and forget about what I just seen, however, it was all good and very interesting. This face will be back again.

George Wilder Jr.


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