The 36 Questions That Didn’t Lead to Love

Throughout our conversation I learned that Chance how into music he is. From choosing his dinner guest as John Lennon to saying his greatest accomplishment is starting a Band and teaching himself how to play the guitar by himself . Also he has a dream of doing something in art and music. While talking to Chance I realized how valuable a positive attitude is in your you life. Throughout his life his family situation has been full of turmoil with his parents fighting constantly. Then moving in with his grandparents added to the craziest of his family life. As he got older he became close with his dad although he is close with his dad he would be most disturbed if his mom died because he wouldn’t know how to deal with it. He now lives with his moms grandparents and his dad. I think on the outside we share brown hair but both of us think of friendship in the same way. We both think that friendship is having someone that you can joke around with and have a ton of fun but also connect on a deep level and talk about super serious things. We both also share the similar ideas about love and affection in our lives. He feels he is a very needy person of affection and is very happy he has found someone that reciprocates the love his needs. Also he considers himself a very emotional person and when asked when the last time he cried was he said he cries pretty frequently the last time being last night. His most terrible memory of his grandma running around the kitchen trying to kill his mother with a knife. Then when the police showed up she lied to the cops dead in the eye. When asked if you would die suddenly he said he wouldn’t change anything he would just be proud of himself like he is now.