One Month Later – New Year Resolutions Progress Report

It’s been almost a month since my last post, so how have things come along with my New Year resolutions ?


I’ve stuck with going to the gym, working out intensively every other day.

I like going early in the morning (6/6:30am) because there are fewer people flexing and socialising and generally getting in my way. It also means I have the evening free for other pursuits.

I’m currently doing 5x5 stronglifts which is a 12-week beginner powerlifting program that involves 3 workouts/week.

You do 5 repetitions for 5 sets (with 5 warm-up sets), focusing on the main lifts (squats/deadlifts/rows/shoulder press/bench press/).

Each session, you increase the weight by 2.5kg (~5lb). This style of progressive overload means you gradually get stronger and within a short amount of time, are smashing personal records.

Despite squatting 3x a week, it’s surprisingly doable (for now) and I rarely get muscle soreness. I’m looking forward to continue my progress, injury free.

As for weight loss, I’m about the same weight as before but my body-fat is a bit lower which suggests I’ve replaced fat weight for muscle mass. I use the gym’s fancy body composition machine every few months to keep track of things.


I’m subscribed to The Week (a round-up of all the major newspapers from around the world in an informative manner). I also got given The New Scientist as gift and am enjoying reading that.

Fiona subscribes to The Economist which I try to read every now and then. Between all these magazines, I don’t have much time for ‘regular’ Kindle reading.


I’ve been quite good with my mindfulness. I’m following the free 7 days of calm using the excellent Calm app. I’m not very good at mediation, but she tells me that’s completely fine and it’s all about taking time to stop and do nothing. I’m good at the breathing though…


I recently bought a few gadgets for my guitar and have been practicing quite a lot with my favourite new app, Loopy . You can see some of my stuff over on my little Facebook page. When I’m back from Chinese New Year, I hope to continue uploading videos.


I’ve successfully broken the habit of biting them. I’m playing guitar more often so have had to cut the fretting hand.

Cooking for Fiona.

Nothing to speak of so far. Does ravioli count?

That’s all for now. I’ll hopefully write more about sections of this blog in the weeks to come.

Happy Chinese New Year