It’s an All or Nothing Event for “The One By One Documentaries Premiere” in the Next Hour!

I am pleased to announced that there is something to offer for Black Friday.

Apparently, this has been all over Twitter, Periscope, and now Facebook Video… for the last few days…

We’re still reaching out to everyone to ensure they are able to attend. Many onlookers, thing this is a marketing tactic, but it is much more…

We are trying to build an audience of awareness towards every aspect that of leadership and media, and how we as individuals, sometimes can control how we react to circumstances beyond our control.

It is not an easy task, and it has been a lifetime of experience summed up into 10 hours of content, starting at 10:30 AM PST going until 11:00 PM PST… via hidden Youtube links which are revealed 15 minutes before the airtime.

Everyone, not just the creator himself, is asking for your support… because your funds will help give continuous support towards establishing more stories like these.

We intend to, if funding and people financially donate/purchase from us… continue to bring you stories like these within 1–4 years as a Season called “The One By One Documentaries”.

We have received on Twitter and inquiries many types of interested support in these types of ideas, and now after over a year of production, we are pleased to attempt to bring you Season 1 soon… with your contributions today.

We have not had any sales yet, we hope to change that after this immediate release.

For previews and ordering information, please visit this Periscope broadcast:

For all accessible admissions and or youth tickets, please follow these guidelines, given in the Twitter post below, and you will be able to watch the films up to a duration of time/expiration of my choosing in the future.


Again, for admissions to this temporary event, please go to:

And then, for the second showing, please go to:

To buy your tickets… no registration is required at this point… as long as you comply with all terms and age appropriate restrictions.

The shows will be up as soon as this article is released.

Thank You.

For more information,