Startups Augment Reality, Reduce Produce Waste, and Simplify Makeup at George Washington University

Twelve finalists compete for a final round of funding and support at the GW New Venture Competition Finals

Technology Ventures

With technology, these ventures make motorcycle riding safer, bring education materials to life, create healthcare maintenance efficiencies, and improve surgical protocols.

Nikolaos Beratlis (SEAS ‘01), Natalia Clementi (SEAS ‘19)
This Head-Up-Display for motorcycles projects critical information in the rider’s forward vision including rear view visibility and blind spots.

Fourth Wave Studios
Joseph Schiarizzi (SEAS ‘18)
With Augmented Reality, this app will bring education material to life with Augmented Reality visuals and interactivity.

Connor Roberts (SEAS ‘17)
This comprehensive equipment management system delivers the power and efficiency of condition-based maintenance to the healthcare sector.

Clean Condense
Charles Carlson (GWSB ‘18), Spencer Legred (CCAS), Dennis Marquis, David Meehan (GWSB ‘17)
Providing clean water to gardeners and growers to run their operations with an affordable and environmentally-friendly option.

[See who will win at the 2017 GW New Venture Competition on April 20. Register here.]

New Ventures

These new ventures want to minimize makeup, bring the antiques and collectibles space to e-commerce, enable guilt-free snacking, and improve the process of finding and leasing storage space.

The Pocket Palette
Lynda T. C. Peralta (GWSB ‘17)
A single-serve makeup kit that empowers women to focus on priorities and eliminate the need for bulky bags.

James Carbone (GWSB ‘19), Rowland Zhang (ESIA ‘16)
This e-commerce platform for antiques and collectibles will improve the buyer/seller experience through an user-generated taxonomy system.

Berg Bites
Daniel Berg, (CCAS ‘18), Marguerite Bottorff
With heart healthy oats and Omega-3 powerhouses like chia and hemp seeds, Berg Bites offers a delicious, but guilt-free, snack.

Tatiana Seikaly (CCAS ‘17), Mimi Shojai (CCAS ‘17),
Joshua Pulman (GWSB ‘17)
The first online platform to search, compare, and book storage space in Freeports, located within FTZs.

[See who will win at the 2017 GW New Venture Competition on April 20. Register here.]

Social Ventures

From repurposing misshapen fruit to crowdfunding for student organizations and nonprofits, these ventures explore how to improve community challenges through social entrepreneurship.

The Forgotten Fruit
Larry Gibbons (GWSB ’16), Stephanie Westhelle (GWSB ‘17)
These snacks use misshapen produce discarded by US agricultural systems to increase revenue for farmers and decrease overall waste.

Urgent Wellness
John Barabino (SPH), Luigi Leblanc, Freya Spielberg (SPH ‘92), Aubrey Villalobos (SPH ‘21)
These medical and preventative care clinics managed by community-based workers aim to reduce costs while improving health for vulnerable populations.

Connor Varley (SEAS), Colten Eberhard (CCAS), Danya Sherman (ESIA ‘19)
A one-of-a-kind discreet napkin with detector cells that test for Date Rape drug presence in various beverages.

Liran Cohen (SEAS ‘18), Max Friedman (GWSB ‘17), Ari Krasner (ESIA ‘18)
A social crowdfunding platform designed for student organizations and nonprofits with a mission of inspiring people to give back.

[See who will win at the 2017 GW New Venture Competition on April 20. Register here.]

Brought to you by the GW Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. We help our students bring the future to life at the New Venture Competition.

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