Urgent Wellness To Bring Medical Care to Vulnerable Populations, Wins New Venture Finals

Innovative social and wellness ventures won big at the 2017 New Venture Competition Finals, Hosted by the George Washington University Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

GW New Venture Comp
3 min readApr 21, 2017

1st Place Overall + The AARP Foundation Award

Total winnings: $25,000

Aubrey Villalobos, Freya Spielberg, John Barabino, and First Lady of Flordia Anne Scott. Not pictured: Luigi Leblanc

Urgent Wellness
John Barabino (SPH), Luigi Leblanc, Freya Spielberg (SPH ‘92), Aubrey Villalobos (SPH ‘21)
Urgent Wellness wants to place medical and preventative care clinics for vulnerable populations in public housing and homeless shelters to improve healthcare access and lower overall costs.

2nd Place Overall + Best Undergraduate Award

Total winnings: $25,000

Berg Bites

Berg Bites
Daniel Berg, (CCAS ‘18), Marguerite Bottorff
With heart healthy oats and Omega-3 powerhouses like chia and hemp seeds, Berg Bites offers a delicious, but guilt-free, snack.

3rd Place Overall + Best Interdisciplinary + Best International Venture

Total winnings: $22,500


Tatiana Seikaly (CCAS ‘17), Mimi Shojai (CCAS ‘17), Joshua Pulman (GWSB ‘17)
The first online platform to search, compare, and book storage space in Freeports, located within FTZs.

4th Place Overall

Total winnings: $7,500

The Pocket Palette

The Pocket Palette
Lynda T. C. Peralta (GWSB ‘17)
A single-serve makeup kit that empowers women to focus on priorities and eliminate the need for bulky bags.

Audience Choice Award

Total winnings: $10,000

Connor Varley (SEAS), Colten Eberhard (CCAS), Danya Sherman (ESIA ‘19)
A one-of-a-kind discreet napkin with detector cells that test for Date Rape drug presence in various beverages.

Best High-Tech Venture

Total winnings: $12,500

Nikolaos Beratlis (SEAS ‘01), Natalia Clementi (SEAS ‘19)
This Head-Up-Display for motorcycles projects critical information in the rider’s forward vision including rear view visibility and blind spots.

Sustainable Energy and Infrastructure

Total winnings: $10,000

Clean Condense
Charles Carlson (GWSB ‘18), Spencer Legred (CCAS), Dennis Marquis, David Meehan (GWSB ‘17)
Providing clean water to gardeners and growers to run their operations with an affordable and environmentally-friendly option.

Clean Energy

Total winnings: $5,000

Trident Innovations
Adrian Britt (CCAS ‘17), Thomas Garvis (SEAS ‘17), David Sullivan (CCAS ‘17)
By implementing an innovative portable water desalinator Trident Innovations aims to alleviate human health impacts from unclean drinking water.

Best Veteran Venture

Total winnings: $5,000

Luke Bogacz (GWSB ‘19), Trevor Ewen
Corkboard is an online marketing system designed for local businesses to spread the word about unique events across multiple channels.



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