2017 #project365 Week 1

Left: 1/1, Center: 1/3, Right: 1/4
Left: 1/5, Center: 1/6, Right: 1/7

The first (and only) time I ever did a Project 365 was in 2009–10 where I sought to chronicle one year from birthday to birthday. After that experience, I told myself I would never do another one. As much fun as it was at times, there were days where I despaired and dreaded having to find something worth taking a photo of to represent the day. In the end, the effort was worth it but only because I knew this was something that I wouldn’t be attempting again.

As 2017 began, I still had no intention of ever doing another Project 365. Working off a hangover from the New Year’s Eve revelry the night before, I found myself walking to get dinner on January 1st and spotted the remnants of some festive streamers. On a whim, I took a photo of it on my iPhone and figured I’d end up posting it on Instgram with some kind of droll comment. While I constructed the post, a very crazy and potentially stupid idea struck me — this could be the very first post of a Project 365!

Before I pre-pended the image caption with the“1/365” that would commit me to this endeavour, I argued it out with myself as to whether I should do this again — it went something like this:

For: You had fun doing this the first time around!
Against: You hated this on quite a few days the first time around!
For: Remember when you were creative, taking photos and telling stories?
Against: Remember when you were trudging out there with your camera and looking for something — anything — to take a photo of and being disappointed with what you found?
For: No camera! Just your iPhone! You won’t even need to Photoshop your photos this time around — let Instagram do all the work!
Against: But, finding something worth taking a photo of every day is tiresome.
For: You live in NYC! You travel everywhere! Your apartment is an unsorted mess full of treasures to photograph! The photos will just happen!
Against: …Ugh, fine — let’s do this thing.

And, with that, the 2017 #project365 on my Instagram began. They aren’t all winners and there are a lot more shots taken in my apartment than I had anticipated but they all have stories to tell and that’s all I strove for.

Original Captions:

1/1: One sad last vestige of NYE 2016 revelry in Astoria.

1/2: The Second Avenue Subway is real and it’s spectacular. Also? A Vignelli map to commemorate the grand opening is a really nice touch.

1/3: The front reception hall of the Farley Post Office. I’m not certain but I believe this will stay intact even with the Moynihan Station being built in this building.

1/4: Received this neat calendar in the mail at work today. I gots to keep repping those Cardinals.

1/5: The new @nyrr Run Center is amazing. I’ll always have a soft spot for the townhouse on W 77 St but they’d definitely outgrown that space long ago. (I definitely won’t miss the face plant-inducing first step in the stairwell of the old location!)

1/6: Walking on my way home (and looking for something to snap a pic of), I noticed for the first time just how many buildings on my block have fake flowers in the winter.

1/7: My bib for today’s #JoeK10K. This race is usually my first race of the year and this was a special one — my first since getting my pace down to an F corral and a 10K PR.

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