Deadpool Teaser

Deadpo- I mean Ryan Reynolds (honestly they’re the same person) just dropped a teaser for Deadpool 2. And not a shitty 30 second teaser either, this is an actual video that’s about four minutes long, full of jokes and references. Basically it’s a scene where Deadpool walks down the street and sees a man getting mugged. He goes into a phone booth to change into his costume and while he’s spending time changing, the man gets shot and killed. Within this whole sequence is a bunch of references jammed into it:

  1. The whole sequence being a shout out to the classic Superman changing in a phone booth sequence, complete with the theme song in the background.
  2. Uncle Ben is that you? Alright so it’s not explicitly clear that it’s Uncle Ben, but hey we can speculate. Our first parallel is obviously an older man being mugged and killed tragically. Ok, it’s too soon to assume anything yet. But, Deadpool then picks up a BEN and Jerry Ice Cream off the dead guy’s groceries. Coincidence? I think not!
  3. Firefly returns! Well in terms of posters in the background. People are already speculating that this could be a hint that Nathan Fillion is playing Cable. It could be that or it’s just homage to Morena Baccarin who played Deadpool’s love interest Vanessa, who also starred in Firefly as Inara.
  4. Speaking of Cable, inside the phone booth we have graffiti that says, “Nathan Summers Cumming Soon.” Hardee har har. So this is obviously a shout out to Cable, who is going to be in the next Deadpool movie.
  5. Another graffiti spray inside the phone booth says, “Hope.” It’s possible that this might be referencing Hope Summers being in the movie. This is highly possible with Cable being in the movie.
  6. The wonderful Stan Lee cameo
  7. The obvious and multiple references to Logan. First we have a movie theater that’s playing Logan in the background. Then we have him, in true Deadpool fashion, mocking Hugh Jackman in an Australian accent. Saying that the man would still be alive if it was Logan, cause all he changes into is a tank top and jeans.
  8. To tie it all up we have a Deadpool summary version of The Old Man and the Sea. Which is supposed to have thematic similarities and parallels to Logan’s story in the film.
Yep that’s Ryan Reynolds's butt

So I mentioned Cable a lot, and who those that don’t know, no Deadpool isn’t going to have a TV streaming service. Cable is a super badass cybernetic mutant from the future. He’s also the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey (technically Madelyn Pryor who is a clone of Jean but close enough) so his power level is off the charts by default. He was sent into the future as an infant and was raised as a warrior. Who comes back into the present to prevent an apocalyptic future. Yeah comic books have extreme storylines…

Mutant power: Being badass

Anyways Cable and Deadpool have an interesting relationship in the comics. It’s kinda like your typical buddy cop trope, where Cable is your serious and gruff one and Deadpool is the goofball that constantly wisecracks. Except they have a serious love/hate relationship where they’re constantly trying to kill each other or teaming up as besties. Oh and on top of all that, sprinkle a bunch of homeoerotic vibes, usually from Deadpool.

I wonder what rubbing lotion on a cybernetic body feels like…

This is an wonderful treat for all the fans out there patiently waiting for the next Deadpool movie to come out. Even though they haven’t cast most of the characters yet, it’s nice to see that it’s in production and the humor still remains hilarious.

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