I don’t usually play mobile games but I am absolutely addicted to Netmarble’s Marvel: Future Fight. I am just in love with this game, it’s everything a comic fan can ask for. This game originally came out in 2015 and I’ve been playing everyday for the past two years.

It recently had it’s 3.0 update and it’s proof that the game just keeps on getting better and better. It has a wide range of characters to play with, wonderful game combat, a decent story, and just hours and hours of game content per day.

With a total of 119 characters playable right now, there is no shortage of unique and wonderful characters to play around with. From your fan favorite classic of Iron Man and Captain America, to those that need more love like Red Hulk and Hyperion, to even the newer comic characters like Moon Girl and Gwenpool.

Each one of these characters have unique and personalized skill sets and animations, custom made to fit their personalities and character. For example, Spider-Man will have skills that web up the opponents and prevent them from moving. Where Black Panther has skills that will trigger a bleed effect on enemies that slowly chip away at their health.

And that’s not even including the uniforms they have! Not only do the uniforms give your heroes a brand new look, they also change and give you new moves. You can turn your Hulk into World War Hulk or give your Spider-Man the black symbiote outfit. With the new update you even can play as Baby Groot!!!

Yep Baby Groot is totally a thing

The game itself has almost 20 different modes. Granted that the game mechanics don’t really change and some of them are similar, they each vary and provide unique content. From Co-op play where you fight together to defeat a mega boss, Player vs Player where you test your heroes against someone else, or even their very own original story mode.

The story itself is interesting enough where it explains that in order to protect the universe the heroes created dimensional rifts. This also lead to universes where villains and good guys and the heroes are villains. Which explains why you fight Thor and how there can be multiple versions of a character.

On top of it’s original story, they even have their very own character made especially for the game. Sharon Rogers, the daughter of Captain America and Peggy Carter, is a powerhouse in the game and is absolutely fun to play with. She’s not really in mainstream Marvel comics, but she is in the Future Fight Comics. That’s right they have their own little web series!

It’s like a badass futuristic knight

The gameplay is easy enough where almost anyone can pick it up instantly and be able to play. In fact I think they baby feed you a bit too much, I mean they are super generous in giving away resources. Ah speaking of resources, the game has a somewhat complex upgrading system so you won’t just instantly blast through the game. A day one player like me doesn’t even have maxed out characters yet, so yeah one can definitely play this game for a long long time.

Yes, the game does have a payable currency system, like all mobile games, that help you get stronger a lot faster. However this is totally not necessary to fully enjoy the game. One can still play the game and enjoy every single detail of it without worrying about missing out too much.

However I will mention that the only flaw in this game is the fact that none of the Fantastic Four or X-Men characters are in it. Once again licensing deals have broken down and divided the Marvel universe. Ugh this is why we can’t have nice things.

They’re just waiting to be in the game

Regardless of not seeing Wolverine slicing his way through the game, we can still appreciate how amazingly fleshed out this game is. In my opinion this game could play wonderfully on a console or PC. It has enough content to support it and it just has so much to offer. Seriously do yourself a favor and check out this game. I swear this isn’t an advertisement (though if someone from Netmarble would like to pay me…) this is just a really big fan expressing his love for a truly amazing experience.

Or ya know just revel in the glory that is this trailer

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