The Good, the Bad, and Cable

By now I think the dust has settled and people now know Cable is going to be played by Josh Brolin in the upcoming Deadpool movie. This news came as a shocker to most people, since Brolin wasn’t even considered to be in the running of playing Cable. In return fans have had some mixed opinions, those in favor and those against. In this article I’ll be going over why Brolin is the perfect choice for Cable and how he’s going to be phenomenal.

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First off, this is Josh Freaking Brolin, this guy has some serious acting chops. We’ve seen him do action and comedy movies. So he can definitely pull off the role here. On top of that he just screams Cable.

Sure every other actor that was considered for the role were pretty good. But this is a rare instance where even though fans were shocked, they instantly accepted it. Something just made sense about Brolin playing Cable, it just clicked for us. Like, OHHHH! How did we not see this earlier.

Brolin has the right build and demeanor that just nails the personality of Cable. From roles like Men In Black 3 and Sicario, we know he can pull off Cable’s hardass militant behavior. I doubt the people behind Deadpool chose someone like Brolin above everyone else, unless he seriously deserved the role.

Best of all we can expect a lot of meta fourth wall breaking jokes, and I mean A LOT. I think everyone is going to expect at least a few Thanos jokes and references tossed in there. The jokes are really going to write themselves.

Fox: “We need someone to play Cable!”

If Thanos jokes aren’t enough for you, don’t forget we also have the atrocity that is Jonah Hex. No? Don’t remember it? Well I don’t blame you at all. Brolin starred in another comic book film in 2010 based on the DC character Jonah Hex, who is basically a super badass cowboy. You don’t have to know much about the movie other than it sucked really bad.

I can’t tell what’s more fucked up, the movie or his face

Hmm, big name star in a failed DC movie. Sounds like someone else we know.

But the one joke I’m almost certainly betting on, is a Goonies reference. Anyone that watched the Deadpool movie knows that it loves referencing the 80s with all the nostalgic shout outs.

For all those complaining that, “Brolin can’t possibly play two roles, it’s impossible!”

Really? I mean is his role as Thanos really that noticeable. Brolin is just doing voice acting and some mocap for the character. His face is caked in so much purple gunk, you can’t actually recognize who he is.

The argument would make sense if it was a character that showed his face, for example Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. Yeah if he popped up as like Namor or something in another film, people would genuinely be confused (especially the more casual fans). Like hey what’s Iron Man doing swimming around with a trident. But with Thanos covering up all of Brolin, I don’t see any reason why he can’t play Cable.

Oh and he already boosts a pretty hefty comic book movie resume: Thanos in the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy movies, Men In Black 3, Sin City 2, Jonah Hex, and now Deadpool 2. He’s really hitting all the comic franchises.

So I really think fans need to relax a bit and accept what happened. Sure I get it, it’s out of left field, but can you really say that Brolin is going to do a horrible job? Even Ryan Reynolds pokes fun at the haters and supports Brolin.

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