The Good, the Bad, And Cable

By now I think the dust has settled and people now know Cable is going to be played by Josh Brolin in the upcoming Deadpool movie. This news came as a shocker to most people, since Brolin wasn’t even considered to be in the running of playing Cable. In return fans have had some mixed opinions, those in favor and those against. In this article I’ll be going over why Brolin isn’t the best choice for Cable and how they should have hired another actor.

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Let’s start off with the obvious first, Brolin seriously came out of nowhere. Fans were already set on certain actors playing Cable, and he just came out of left field and scooped up the role.

Pitt can definitely pull it off

While I could go through every single actor that deserved the role, it would be a tad bit redundant. Instead here’s a list and you can fill in the blanks yourself: Stephen Lang, Ron Perlman, Jon Hamm, David Harbour, Brad Pitt (weird but the fan art was amazing), Ray Stevenson, and my personal casting choice Keira Knightley.

Big guy, flat top, she’s got range

Now that the casting problems are discussed, let’s focus on what this probably means for Marvel and Thanos. From what we know Brolin has signed onto a four picture deal to portray Cable. This most likely means that his deal with Marvel as Thanos is over, otherwise they wouldn’t let him cross movie franchises like this.

With that it pretty much puts the nail in the coffin that Thanos is going to be thrown away as a villain. He’s either going to die at the end of the Infinity War or face some banishment where he’s trapped away forever never to been seen again. The big baddie that Marvel has set up for since Phase 1 is going away in just two movies.

Honestly this is a real problem for Marvel films so far, one of the biggest complaints in the otherwise flawless movie franchise, is how the villains suck. They’re hyped up to be so powerful and mighty but just get written off by the end of the movie. Ultron, one of the most feared and threatening foes to the entire Marvel universe and I barely cared about him watching Avengers 2. There’s no development in his character and all the other villains face the same flaws.

Find someone that watched this movie and ask them if they remember who this is

Malekith, Killian, Whiplash, Ronan, Iron Monger, etc. All of them were forgettable, and just thrown away. Except one villain that stuck with us, the trickster god himself Loki. He’s stuck with us through multiple films, pair that with the ever so charming Tom Hiddleston, and we have the villain we can’t help but love no matter what heinous deeds he commits. It’s because he stuck around and we know we’ll see more of him, we all grew to love Loki.

But with Thanos he just seems like he’ll be another hyped up villain with no payoff. Aside from all the teasing of Thanos, we actually don’t know him that well, aside that he’s super powerful. That’s it. Sure you can say we’ll get two movies to understand him, but keep in mind it seems like he’s going to be sharing the screen with the Black Order. Mix that in with creating a perfect dynamic with all the other heroes, it seems impossible to create the perfect blend where every character gets fleshed out properly.

I mean look at Quicksilver, his death meant jackshit. There was no real build up and we as the audience didn’t care as much.

Except for a bunch of memes and jokes that’s all he did

Bottom line is that, I don’t think Marvel should get rid of Thanos that quickly. I want to see more of him after Infinity War, tossing away his character would be a great waste.

Casting another celebrity would have been a far better approach, but hey I believe in Brolin and instead of complaining he gets my full support. Besides by the end of the day, all I want is a good comic book movie. Angry whiny rants won’t get me anywhere.

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