What’s After Thanos?

With Josh Brolin being confirmed as Cable, we can be sure Thanos isn’t going to pop up anymore after Marvel’s Infinity War. This is going to leave a pretty big hole in the Marvel universe of big baddies because not many people can really rival the dangerous threat of Thanos. In fact you can’t really top Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet (with the Infinity Gems) since in the comics, he practically destroyed the entire universe with it.

So where will the Marvel Cinematic Universe go after Infinity War? How in the world can they top this? Well here are a few of my ideas for potential villains and story arcs:

  1. This one should be pretty obvious, Kang the Conqueror, the time traveling tyrant and long time foe of the Avengers. Kang is basically a time traveler that has a seemingly unlimited amount of power. Since he can travel through time his weapon and armor are all super advanced, allowing him to easily combat his foes.
Who doesn’t want to see the Avengers time traveling?

With Kang it allows for Marvel to have films set in different times, so you can have the Avengers transported to the Medieval era, where Tony Stark runs out of power and has to invent an old fashioned Iron Man knight armor. Or you could have them transported into the future where the whole world has flying cars and everything, leaving the Avengers out of place and old fashioned. Kang could even mess with the timeline where the Avengers never assemble, and we get a story where they have to come together to defeat Kang. The possibilities are endless. One small problem though, Kang is owned by Fox. So unless that gets handed over, we won’t be seeing this anytime soon.

2. The next big villains in Marvel are the Skrulls. The Skrulls are basically shape shifting aliens that slowly took over the heroes and invaded our world. This let to our heroes being unsure of who they could trust. Everyone could be an alien and you wouldn’t know who was who, especially since the Super Skrulls could mimic the abilities and powers of people. This is perfect in creating dramatic scenes between the Avengers, turning it into a high level suspense movie. In terms of character rights, the Skrull are co-owned by Marvel Studios and Fox, so it might be easier to see them on the big screen.

3. The only real one I can think of right now is the Beyonder. But that’s pushing it a little far. I mean maybe Marvel can make it work, but even for comics, the Beyonder is crazy levels of powerful and extreme. Translating that perfectly to the big screen is going to be very very difficult.

4. The Masters of Evil! Basically it’s a collection of all the villains gathered together to defeat the heroes once and for all. So Marvel can bring back… uh. No. He’s dead… Wait he’s dead too. Uh who’s not dead? The MANDARIN! Nevermind. Yeah no, this won’t work at all since Marvel kills almost EVERY villain, all we have left is Loki and I guess Abomination from that Hulk movie. And that’s not really a team.

Two of them aren’t even villains. Come on Marvel keep someone alive

5. Speaking of Loki, we might as well bring him back? I don’t know. Maybe pair him up with Enchantress and have them mess with the Avengers. She’s an expert manipulator and can definitely cause discord between the Avengers. And then we can get a sub story where Loki and Enchantress are trying to betray each other for power. But eh, as much as I love Loki, I’m going to get sick of seeing him in everything. And this doesn’t really compete with the threat level of Thanos.

6. Ok so let’s have X-Men vs Avengers? Nope movie rights. Uh Annihilus? Owned by Fox. Doctor Do- Nope. How about Galactus, like for real this time? No. Ok who’s left.

Yeah that’s the thing there’s not a lot of real big name villains left that is owned by Marvel Studios. All the big stories and baddies are either owned by Fox or Sony. So unless they come to some agreement I honestly don’t see where they can go with this. I mean maybe Marvel can do MODOK or someone else, but he’s not exactly someone that requires the entire team to take him down. The real heavy hitters are locked up, by rights so it’s really restricting the direction Marvel can go in.

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