The Circle

Emma Watson lands an entry level job at a Google-esque, with the help of an Scottish model turned actress, Karen Gillan. Gillan is allowed to retain her Scottish accent, while Ms Watson is not, since she is supposed to be an American. This faux-google is run by the famous actor Tom Hanks, which accounts for why he is so adored by his employees. Really, who would like Tom Hanks as their boss? At a party, Ms Watson meets another English actor, John Boyega, at a company-only Beck concert. It does make you wonder if someone has outsourced acting to the Britain/ Ireland.

The faux-google goal of complete and utter transparency of everything and everyone, politically and personally, so long it is routed through their server-farms, is hard to swallow except as allegory, because its slogans are so Animal Farm like. “A secret is a lie” Sharing is caring” etc.

It is not hard to accept Ms Watson as the one thrust into the vanguard of this brave new-ish world because as a beautiful actress it is teleological. Can she hold sway over the masses of Hanks-worshipping 20-somethings on stage? Why yes, she has been acting since she was nine. Can millions of strangers worldwide become emotionally invested in her every waking move once it is webcast? Well, duh, she was in all those Harry Potter movies.

Just when the plot gets going, it ends, just as Ms Watson is about to take over the company, the country, and the world. I would have paid extra to see what faux google/ facebook is going to do as the arbiter of democracy, because then even more Russians would get to vote for Trump, and not just Vlad Putin.

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