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A Hermit’s Manifesto for a New Way of Being

Stay home.

That’s it.

Just stay home.

Not just now, during a pandemic, but also after.

When the politicians and powers that be try to push for things to go back to “normal.”

Stay home.

When they want you to go back to work for shitty wages.

Stay home.

When they try to tell you that Medicare4All won’t work.

Stay home.

When they try to say a UBI isn’t feasible.

Stay home.

Stay home until we’re all taken care of.

We already see the power of it.

The power of staying home.

We are what makes the world go round.

We have the power. …

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All you need to know about making money off a crisis.


Let this one go.

Instead, just give.

Give to those who are struggling right now. Give what you can when you can.

And ask. Ask for what you need, and be open to receiving it.

Crisis is an opportunity to learn. Will we learn to hate each other more? Or will we learn to come together and heal?

We can’t do this alone, so instead of cashing in, start building bridges.

Fundraising has to be creative when you’re starting from nothing.

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Rocky, my cat with heterochromia

If I come up with $4000 by the end of March, I can buy my house. If I don’t, I have to move.

I moved in here in December 2017, and the friend who owned the house moved out just a few months later. She couldn’t sell the house for various reasons — it’s in Flint, in a shitty neighborhood, needs a new roof, and there were issues with liens on the title from an assistance program that meant the house couldn’t be transferred for another five years or so. …


Gwynne Montgomery

Queer Heretic Nun. Walking a wild and wicked path of joyful devotion to the Infinite Divine in Her Many Forms.

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