Nine of Swords? Your troubles are ending.

{Itty Bitty Woo} An Easy Peasy Tarot Formula

When you first pick up a deck of Tarot cards, your first thought might be, “What do you mean I have to memorize 78 card meanings. And reversals, too?”

I wouldn’t blame you if your response was, “I’m out…”

Many a would-be Tarot reader has been put off by that very same thing.

My response to that was…

There has GOT to be a better way!

And here it is!

You do NOT need to memorize the meaning of each and every card. Instead, learn the meaning of the numbers + the meaning of the suits, and put your own meanings together!

The Suits

Majors: Spirit, Big life-changing events, Soul and Karmic lessons
Wands: Fire, passion, work, dedication, what you do, hobbies, sex
Cups: Water, emotion, love, celebration, joy, relationships
Swords: Air, thought, stress, trouble, communication
Pentacles: Earth, money, the body, home, family

The Numbers

One: A beginning, something new
Two: Balance, partnership
Three: Creation, creativity
Four: Stability, Building
Five: Chaos
Six: Generosity, Reflection
Seven: Struggle, pain, hard work
Eight: Harvest, Growth, Endurance
Nine: Completion, Ending
Ten: Renewing, recycling

Page: Learning, student
Knight: Trying, Impulsive
Queen: Nurturing, Giving
King: Commanding, Mastering

It’s REALLY that simple to get started with Tarot.

So let’s draw a card!

Page of Wands

Remember, Wands is Fire, passion, work, dedication, what you do, hobbies, and sex.

And Pages are learning, they’re students. So what might this mean?

This could be someone who is… still in school, or doing an apprenticeship. They’re focused on something that really FIRES them up, but they’re still learning it. This is new and exciting for them, but they have a LOT to learn.

Okay, let’s try another one.

The Wheel of Fortune

Ooohhh… tough one! It’s a Major Arcana card, number 10. Okay, so Majors are BIG things in our lives, right? It’s Spirit directly communicating with us, big life lessons, karma, life-changing events. That sort of thing. And 10…. Remember, ten is Renewing, Recycling. So what could this be? Hmmm?

How about a Renewal of Spirit? Or a Recycling of Lessons? Oooh, I like that one! What might that really mean? Recycling of Lessons. Hmmm…. maybe this is someone who is relearning some life lessons that they thought they’d already figured out. Or it’s someone that repeats the same cycles in their life over and over and over…

All right, one last card.

The Ace of Swords

Aces are new things, they’re beginnings. It’s the start of a new cycle related to the suit. In this case, the suit is Swords. So New thoughts, new ideas, new troubles, new stresses, new communications.

That’s it! Suit + Number = Meaning. And that little bitty formula, that super easy formula, leads to even deeper and deeper meanings the more you explore it!

Way easier than learning 78 different card meanings, huh?

Start with a card a day to see what’s coming. Shuffle, draw your card, and use the formula. Suit + Number = Meaning. Then LOOK at the card. What do you see? How does it relate? Once you have created your key phrase for that moment, it gets easier to SEE that meaning in the card, and once you see one meaning, you start to see all the others, as well!

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