In memory of all the failed resolutions…

Let’s Talk About Failure

You’ve failed, sometimes epicly. Probably frequently. Let’s learn from it.

So often, we see success pimped out as if it’s the whole reason for our existence, and if we just do what the successful people do, then we, too, can be a success and have all the things.

Success is bullshit.
Success is a fluke.

We’re so biased for success that we ignore the fact that for every Bill Gates, there’s millions of dudes still living in their mom’s basements pretending to be something else. For every Tess Holliday, there’s countless plus size women who can’t get a raise because their boss sees them as lazy. For every great success, there are millions of total failures.

Failure is the normal state of living, not success.

And this is a GOOD thing. Success is boring. What do you do when you succeed? Have a little party and then have a hormone crash as all the happy brain chemicals leave your system, and you look at the span of years ahead of you and wonder what you’re going to do next.

Failure precedes success. Failure overwhelms success. We would rather risk failure again and again and again than rest on a single success.

And yet… how rarely do we choose to really learn from other’s failure? We learn from our own. Or we look like idiots doing the same thing again and again and again. But rarely do we seek out the opportunity to truly learn from other’s failures.

All the content, all the courses, all the coaching programs are all about, “This is how I made sixty bajillion dollars last year. I’ll teach you how to do what I did, just give me your entire life savings and pledge your first-born’s soul to me, and the secret is yours!”

They’re preaching the Success = Success formula, when life is really more like -F² -FG + G² = Success where F is Failure and G is Grit.

The reality is that barring some truly epic miracle type shit, Success takes a FUCK of a lot of work, and that work looks an awful lot like failures and fuck ups.

So let’s talk about THAT. Let’s talk about the fuck ups and the failures and what you learned from the recovery and how to avoid that particular clusterfuck in the future.

Interested? Tell me about YOUR failures and fuck ups. What did you learn? How did your fuck ups and failures pave the way for later successes? What made you continue to risk failure even after your successes? What are you failing at, either deliberately or by accident, now?

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