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A Collective of Collection Experts: Kara Simpson

A compassionate leader with a heart for helping others.

Gwynn Group | November 11, 2019

We’re thrilled to reveal the first interview in our Collective of Collection Experts series! Our goal for this project is to pick the brains of fellow Collection Industry professionals about the direction of the industry as it relates to best practice, technology, and regulation. We expect that there are a host of unique perspectives among our piers drawn along the lines of early-stage vs. late-stage collections, insource vs. outsource, industry, among others. Our hope is that by sharing our domain expertise in collections, we fuel a lively forum for thought leaders to share their beliefs and ideas as it relates to collections.

As a prominent leader in the Collections Industry and an all-around incredible and accomplished individual, we couldn’t think of a more perfect candidate to kick off our series and spark a few conversations around pertinent issues than Kara Simpson. Not only does Kara have a wealth of insight and expertise in the industry, but she also offers a unique perspective as President of TRMA Canada. Kara’s interview navigates through where the collections industry is heading, both positively and negatively, highlights deficiencies still waiting to be addressed, and delves into how the US Telecom industry relates to the Canadian market. Read Kara’s interview below and start a conversation by letting us know your opinions on the issues!

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