Week 7- Decision Making

Making a decision is very hard there is a lot that goes into what you choose to do, what you eat, where you end up going. Everything we do is a decision and how we come up with the varies on so many different levels. Even a slight bad mood can make us decide on a final decision. The process is one that we don’t think much of anf when it actually comes down to it, we go through this process in a matter of seconds.

When forming a decision, we go through various stages to come up with one final decision. The stages are as follows: Formation Stage, Concept Development Stage, Detailing Process, Evaluation and Implementation. For example lets take ordering food at a restaurant. 1st we look at the menu and form a general understanding of the options. Then we for our concept of what we are actually in the mood to eat. Then we go into the details of what the food actually is and what we truly desire. Then we evaluate or decisions, either a salad or pasta, but then you remember yu’re trying to be healthy. So the final stage is implementation and going with the healthy salad at a restaurant.

Decisions are in general hard to make. There are some scenarios where it may take 2 seconds to form a decision and in other cases it could take 15 minutes. But I feel as though you already have a pre conceived idea of what it truly is that you want within a matter of seconds, just because that’s what our brain tends to do.