Everyone has a past and we all remember it willingly or sometimes unwillingly. Is remembering your past wrong?

Our past is part of our life and it is what made us what we are today.
However, remembering past and living in the past are two different things. Remembering is when you know it is a memory and you acknowledge your present. But when you know it is past yet you cannot let it go and keep thinking about it always ignoring what is in front of you, is living in past.

Having memories irrespective of being good or bad…

So much has happened since the beginning of 2020. Covid-19 has changed the way we used to think about things around us. It has forced most of us in to a sudden period of lockdown for which no one was prepared. Among all the changes of day to day life one major change is use of technology. The use of smart phones, smart TV and Laptops have displayed huge increase. The spread of pandemic has impacted every individual and worldwide economy. Many industries went in to complete shutdown of business activities whereas some actually have shown accelerated growth. …

Entertainment industry has changed a lot lately, as consumers are shifting from TV serials to web series and television service providers to online streaming providers. Netflix and Amazon prime are among such online streaming services which allow the subscribers to watch their favourite movies anytime anywhere including the original production which are exclusively available only on their own networks. This digital upgrade of technology is resulting in a gradual change of consumers’ lifestyle already.

The global pandemic Covid-19 has forced the world in to a lockdown which has slowed down the economy as a result of many businesses put on…

3.08 billion is the number of social network users worldwide in 2020. Isn’t that enormous? The power of social media is huge if used correctly.

We have come a long way from the time when offline media was the only option. There was neither a way to define your target audience nor was there any control over the budget.

Social media give you total freedom of defining what you want and deliver exactly that. You have full control on your spending budget for all sort of promotions. The best part is you can see how your strategies are working and…

Locked up in the lockdown, many businesses have taken a hit. However many have realized the power of hosting webinars. If you are an Entrepreneur, you must have been familiar to the concept of webinar already and if not, lockdown must have got you.

Webinar can really help you generate leads for your business. Wondering how? Let’s get to it!

Current market trend in 2020 is going towards realism. More than companies and businesses this is the trend of industrial thought leaders. People love to buy what they are able to see and experience at it’s best. …

Gyaneshwari Biradar

Multi-passionate Entrepreneur. Believe in continuous learning and sharing!!

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