Why Sports Are a Sad and Dangerous Waste of Time
Jim Cummings

Sad and dangerous waste of time?

You wanna tell “Suds” his entire life was a waste of time? Does the above story sound sad or dangerous?

No, it actually sounds amazing, and human, and special.

This article bums me out and makes all kinds of weird analogies and correlations that I can’t even address right now. The Eagles aren’t “Philadelphian” because a lot of the players and coaches aren’t from Philadelphia? My man, what the hell do you call America? A lot of us (re: most of us) aren’t from here originally. Does that make us all not American?

I can’t believe people still have this discriminatory notion about “Sports Fans.” Would you look at any other cohort and making sweeping generalizations about them? I doubt you would; you seem like a sensible dude. Then why even bother doing this with sports fans?

Could it be that the dismissals that you, in turn, so easily dismiss (“you just don’t get”; “it’s just not your thing”) are actually on to something? Like… could the problem actually lie with you? Think about that for a minute.

I’m not saying you aren’t entitled to your opinion, and I’m not saying there aren’t a whole host of asshole fans on the planet. I’ve met them, you’ve met them. What I am saying is there are asshole fans of everything. Ever been on a comic book-centric website and read the comments? So of those guys are the biggest assholes on the planet! I can’t stand some of the people who like the same things I like. But that is the nature of… wait for it… people being different, having different interests, and having different personalities.

You know, people being human.

Listen, I, like you, am in the film industry. I’m a writer. I was a drama and dance guy in high school. I dealt with my fair share of jocks and “bros.” But I also, at one point or another in my life, played just about every organized sport you can think of and totally see the worth in it. And I can tell you that I experience similar moments of elation/assholery when it comes to sports OR films OR literature OR whatever! That’s called being a fan.

My friends know me as the guy who won’t stop cheering for the Detroit Lions (no matter what) who is bummed all day when they lose (which is often) or when their best player since Barry Sanders retires young (which happened this year.) They also know me as having a man-crush on Neil Gaiman and Michael Fassbender, and of being the guy who yelled at a STRANGER in a PUBLIC RESTAURANT over Pacific Rim’s unfathomably low box office numbers (true story.) I named my kid “Nolan” after Christopher Nolan, my cat “Gambit” after the X-Man, and it wouldn’t be hard to imagine me naming something in my life “Calvin”, after both one of the greatest wide receivers ever to play the game and Hobbe’s best friend (two-for-one yo!)

The point is I am a fan of films, and of sports, and of books, and of comics. And I can be an asshole about ANY of it from time to time, just like anyone else in any other fandom. Certainly I try NOT to be, but it happens.

I think articles like this are what’s sad and dangerous. I’m sad for you, man, that you can’t get over your own experiences and preferences to see the COMMONALITY in fandom of any type. Instead you spend your time and energy on writing this article.

And I spent my time and energy commenting on it. (Joke’s on me?)

Anyway, no hard feelings. Just my two cents on the matter. Tell your friend Tony the Eagles can suck it. ;)