Sometimes we have to step outside of the social media, the social everything and that means our family and people we associate with on the daily. Why? Because we are inundated by past perceptions of what we should be and what they think we are. They are not wrong in thinking this, after all we acted in this way that they are now perceiving us as.

Who came first? The chicken or the egg?

Have you ever felt you could be more? I mean felt it so much you could taste it.

Yet , it is more like staring at a menu you cannot afford anything on it. And then, all of a sudden you find a $20 bill in your wallet , just enough to buy your favorite dish! How exhausting was it to spend the last 10 min, or even minute thinking you could not afford what was on the menu. How hurt did you feel? How unworthy did you feel? Thinking of all the food that you could not afford on that menu. To start thinking of how you are going to take what money you do have and create something in your mind just as good. A 25cent bag of old pretzels from the store you will buy.. How you would savoir it while you crunched away. That this was as far as you were going to get today, a 25 cent bag of pretzels for the entire day. And that 25 cents was a quarter you found on the street.

Have you ever had to beg for money? Not beg as in beg for a beer or beg for smokes? I mean really beg for your life? It is very humiliating. It is in fact the worst type of loss of control you can feel. To walk up to a total stranger and ask them for help. Your future in their hands. You anxiously wait their reply. They dont owe you shit. Some are more then welcome to help you, some make you feel like you are dirt.

So back to this menu- and yes, I speak from experience.

I have learned that being present is the only answer. No matter your past or what your plans are for your future, it can only be accomplished if you stay right here. right now.

All the money in the world is here. Not there, back there , to the left or to the right. The only way for you to receive healthy money is you have to get into alignment with it. You have to be aware of yourself. To stop putting all of your awareness on someone or something outside of you, giving your power away. I say ‘healthy’ money , because you want money to come to you with love.

Yes, everything happens and the perfect time and at the perfect place, however you have to know when and where that perfect place and perfect time is.

If you are staring at the menu with an empty wallet, what does this mean?

#1, you are in the perfect place- you feel good being in there. What does not feel so good is that your wallet is empty. If you hold on to the feeling of ‘feeling good” while looking at this ‘feel good’ menu , I guarantee you, the money will show up.

If you focus on your wallet being empty feeling worthless and depleted, then , you will get more of that.

No matter what your history or what your parents, ex friends, school teachers said about you, you are worthy of your worth. You are worthy of every fucken thing on that menu and then some.

When you show up, your life will show out. FIRST< you have to show in. Come from your heart.

It can be scary. Habits are born from doing things that work. To give them up is to trust what comes next. A new and improved habit that now serves you.

Even though you can ride the bike with the training wheels still on, how exhilarating is it to take them off!

Each habit was not a thing before we began it. WE created this habit, this sanctuary, this safe heaven. As ugly and painful as it make look today, it is still safe, because it is somewhat predictable and fulfills the gaps in us that are still wide open. It becomes an emotional drug fix.

It is like the strength a baby mother gets when she sees a car falling on her baby. She holds that car up. All of a sudden she is super woman! Where did that strength come from? We all have that. Just dont wait until the car is about to drop…use what you have within you now. That strength is just enough to get you to that place that you are already at in your heart.

It is a deep desire. The deeper the desire, the more scared you become until you realize that the fear you had all along was actually what you had been told to be true. What if YOU are right? That face in the mirror is YOU. What if your wants and desires are right under your nose?

What if the pain you are feeling is JUST in the wanting of it, FEELING you will never get there, scared that maybe THEY were right? Feeling of UNworthiness of the actual having of it. What if you were to stop looking and wanting at the menu as if you have no money and look in your secret pocket in your hand bag, or under your seat to find the $20.

What if it is YOU that has been creating this strenuous horrific pain in your soul, in your heart of the have not’s , not worthy of this entire fucken time. Yes, get angry. How much time have you spent thinking their must be a way, their must be a way. Like Dorothy clicking her heels three times.

All that has to happen is you have to give yourself some damn credit. You dont have to bow down to anybody, kiss anybodies ass or ask permission to be you. You don’t and should not give away your power to someone that in turn by helping you makes you feel powerless, less than, a piece of gum stuck to their shoe they cannot seem to get rid of.

When you stop being a 3 dressed up as a 9, you stop wasting their time and yours. People will go on with their lives regardless of what you do.

You are just as worthy as the next person. You already have within yourself everything you need.

We are all in this together.

It is time to skip the middle man and direct dial to you.

Feeling worthy of everything of who and what you are and am is the first step, the rest will fall into place.


When you surrender and put down your boxing gloves , you will feel nervous and relieved.

HUH? You mean, the door was always open? Yes, silly, the door was always open, now come in :)


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