Working out: Sports bra or nah ?

Oct 4 · 2 min read

I love the DAO FITNESS sports bra

I usually go to the gym on Tuesdays and whilst I was packing my gym bag this week, I thought… hold on, what bra am I wearing to workout today? I have sports bras as well as regular bras but for a minute there, I actually didn’t know which to choose (I ended up wearing a sports bra).

@Gymelanin created a poll about this on Insta story and I decided to do a little research about any implications of wearing regular bras to the gym.

  • Breasts, boobs, tits, etc are made out of a mix of fat and glandular tissue and are suspended by fibrous tissue called Cooper’s ligaments (Interesting. Source:
  • Sports bras are supposedly made from high performance fabric and offer better support as your breasts move and bounce around when working out.
  • There are two types of sports bras: compression bras and encapsulated bras. Some manufacturers design sports bras with a combination of both.

Dr Preeti Gabale (Fitness and rehab Specialist) states that: “There is no irreversible damage or health hazard if one doesn’t wear a bra while exercising. Saggy breasts could be one common concern when it comes to women with a broad frame. But some might even benefit from not wearing one during exercising. Often, wrong fitted sports bra can cause more damage - neck, shoulders and back injuries. Even though, it is more of a personal choice.”

  • Karena Wu, Physical Therapist, states that wearing a sports bra keeps the weight well-distributed during exercise.
  • Working out without any bra, could make the weight of your breasts round your posture, pulling your head forward and pushing your ribcage down.

Wearing a sports bra does offer better support for your boobs because of the design, compared to regular degular bras. I even think it’s best to wear A BRA when working out, than no bra… Bruhh. Additionally, research also points out that our breasts are all due to sag one day 🤷🏽‍♀️



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