5 Riskiest Exercises in the Gym

Being afraid of the gym isn’t an option. Of course — like all things — if you don’t know how to do it properly, there is room for danger.

We want to give you the low down on some exercises that need full attention on form. You need patience to strengthen these lifts over time. Never sacrifice form for speed. When performed correctly, there are immense benefits for each. Time to throw caution to the wind. These are the riskiest exercises in the gym.


Pro Enhances explosive power and is a perfect lift for competitive athletes. Con —Taxing on the shoulders if you aren’t proficient at this movement, or carrying too heavy of a load. Substitute — Kettlebell swings. These will provide the same benefits for explosive power.


Pro — Reduces the strain on your forearms. Con — Death by chokehold. Substitute — Full-grip or smith machine bench press, if you need more support for this lift.


Pro — Great exercise for your hamstrings and lower back. Con — The weight is carried by the spine. Bad form = bad news bears. Substitute — Romanian deadlifts are the perfect substitute. Plus they won’t leave you in a wheelchair.


Pro — Ideal for muscle-mass development. Con — Compromises the shoulders and wrists for ligament tears. Substitute — Barbell or Dumbbell press, which might even develop the shoulders better.


Pro — Puts a huge anaerobic demand on your upper body. Con — A bad situation for the shoulders without proper coaching. Substitute — Good ol’ fashioned strict pull ups.

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