9 Rarest Gym Exercises

You won’t find someone in the gym doing these exercises in most cases. Performing them correctly could give you just the extra edge you need to see changes in your physique.

1. Svend Press

Targets the inner pec contraction without compromising your shoulders and decreasing the chance of injury. To do these properly, make sure there is continuous tension on your chest, never releasing the contraction while performing the exercise. Pro-Tip: perform flat or at incline to hit the upper pecs.

2. Sissy Squats

Quads, quads, and more quads. This squat eliminates all other muscles except the quads. You’ll be building the strength and stamina, which is great to add into your leg routine if your quads are lagging a bit behind. Pro-Tip: Add these as a finisher, or super-set with your barbell squats.

3. Speed Burpees

Want to build your anaerobic threshold? Speed Burpees are perfect for conditioning, and can be added to just about any workout to turn-up the fat burning furnace. Pro-Tip: Add dumbbells or a medicine ball for weight. For the really explosive touch, add tuck jumps at the top!

4. Ninja Get Ups

Activate your glutes and quads with this explosive movement. This is going to take a bit of balance. If you end up falling on the ground or catching yourself, it’s a key indicator that this exercise is perfect for you. Pro-Tip: Keep your heads above your head to work the core.

5. Inverted Suspended Crunches

Hanging crunches are the most intense/best sit-up variation there is. This exercise is also easier on the spine, joints and muscles. If you’re wanting to make your abdominal muscles pop, give these a try. Pro-Tip: Keep your movements slow and controlled for maximum benefit. For the more advanced add weights.

6. Cable Goblet Squats

Using a cable system for goblet squats will reduce your instability. This exercise is great for core and back activation. Prior to your leg day, this is a great warm-up. Pro-Tip: Use high-rep sets for hypertrophy or endurance.

7. Vertical Leg Oblique Crunches

Increasing the tension on the abdominals as a whole will only enhance your core. Because this is such a taxing exercise on the upper, mid and lower abs, it’s the perfect addition for your ab routine. Pro-Tip: The slower the better. No need to rush.

8. Single Arm Barbell Leaning Lateral Raises

Looking for that defined delt look? Side arm barbell leaning lateral raises are your ticket. This will ensure maximum contraction as well as give you a broader range of motion. Pro-Tip: Lying sideways on a bench will help you isolate the middle delt.

9. Single Arm Barbell Snatches

This exercise will massively improve your speed, power and strength. Single arm barbell snatches are perfect for reducing the strength imbalances that you may not have addressed yet. Pro-Tip: You should be lifting between 50–75% your 1RM.

Have you tried any of these? Do you find them difficult? Leave your comments, thoughts or feedback below.


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