Obliques Are Part Of Your Core Too!

4 amazing exercises you may not have seen, for hitting the obliques.

When people think of abs, they think of the muscles that create the “six pack.” The oblique muscles that run up and down our sides are often neglected though, leading to imbalances and poor rotational movement. The obliques serve as stabilizers, and are engaged in almost every compound lifting movement you do in the gym. Simply put…strong obliques, stronger core, stronger lifts!

When you think of hitting the obliques in your training, most people will opt for exercises like side bends, side crunches, side planks and side leg raises. But where most people go wrong as mentioned before, is the lack of rotational exercises too, a movement that the obliques help us achieve.

The great thing about training, is the ability to try new things often, in order to keep our bodies guessing in order to keep progressing. So if you’ve tried the stereotypical oblique exercises above, haven’t seen or felt the results you desire, give these 4exercises a try to really mix things up.

  • Oblique Push Ups

A great alternative to the basic full push-up. Simply cross one leg across your body at a time then perform the push-up to give the obliques some much needed love.

  • Crab Grab

A unique exercises that puts a hella-stretch on your obliques every rep. Great exercise for helping with flexibility, mobility and enhancing overall core stability.

  • Kettlebell Windmills

A skilled movement that requires flexibility and coordination, the kettlebell windmill improves hip mobility, back function, core strength and rotational movements.

  • Kettlebell Outside-Leg Swings

Instead of going between your legs each rep as you would with a normal kettlebell swing, these awesome alternatives have you swinging the bell from the outside of your leg, using much more of your core and obliques in the movement.

Want to try all of these out in a workout? Try It Out Here!

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