An IVF Specialist

What is an IVF Specialist?

IVF Specialists study the Reproductive endocrinology and Infertility (REI). They are medical doctor who has taken their training further in order to concentrate in fertility-related circumstances, treatments, and medical procedures.

An IVF Specialist has spent years studying the reproductive system, various diseases and conditions which can affect fertility, and the available treatments and procedures designed to assist with fertility.

IVF Specialist responsibilities:

§ Meticulously assess a patient to determine the reason of infertility, by gathering several laboratory and other tests.

§ Assess test results to tell whether a patient is in the normal range.

§ Apply test results to endorse fertility or other treatments

§ Monitor development in treatment in each case and regulate the treatment plan when required.

When should you see an IVF specialist?

Here are some conditions for immediate referral to a IVF specialist doctor:

· If you are 38 years old and above

· Congested and impassable fallopian tubes at any age

· Other tubal complications at any age

· Moderate or severe endometriosis at any age

· Ovulation problems

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