Best gynecologist & obstetrician in HSR layout bangalore

An OB/GYN is a Medical professional who can provide complete care to a pregnant woman at the time of pregnancy. The best gynecologist will have good knowledge in all areas of medicine since the pregnancy is influenced by diseases of every system of the body. Obstetrician provides complete care to women and the children during pregnancy. OB/GYNs also help out patients during and after delivery. The role of obstetrician has remarkably reduced the maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality. The physician who handles obstetrician & gynecology related healthcare services is an OB/GYN. The services carried out by best gynecologist are medical counsel related to pregnancy, infertility, birth control, menopause, medical tests such as Pap test.

Visiting an OB/GYN in the teenage years will be very helpful because best gynecologist can provide you knowledge about your health, contraceptives, birth control, and sexually transmitted diseases. OB/GYN also provide care and help to patients in menopause related health issues which includes counseling, menopause symptoms and treatment, hot flashes.