The why, the what and the how

Why did we start planning?

In a recent project at frontìra, a Budapest-based strategic design consultancy, we decided to learn more about payment digitalisation by organising two co-design workshops with potential customers. The first workshop took place in Szeged, a small town in Hungary, while the other workshop one week later in Budapest, the capital, and recruitment for the project was managed by the same company.

What is Co-design about?

Co-design workshops are a space for “creative collaboration”. It is rooted in participatory design and user-centered design, and aims to involve stakeholders in the early phases of the design process — often referred to as “fuzzy front end”. The…

Our team at Frontìra decided to tackle the challenge to design a platform for smooth and frictionless donation. The motivation also comes from new opportunities in the fintech landscape, with PSD2-related development and open banking coming in the EU. Even though we haven’t seen all what these new financial regulations mean due to delays in the implementation, we have hope that innovation will be able to change how people donate in the near future.

That is why we started from the human’s perspective, first and foremost what nonprofit organizations need, and mapping what their pain points and dreams are. …

Gyöngyi Fekete

Product designer @Frontìra Strategic Design Consultancy

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