The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

thank you for apologizing, even though you should’ve said this 3 weeks ago. it seems like you’re just trying to do damage control, your apology doesn’t seem sincere at all because: you retweeted a tweet that called us bullies and cowards (and then deleted that. ironic), you also tweeted articles praising the episode that had the trope in it, you’ve never, not once acknowledged the donations made by the fans for trevor project, a suicide prevention charity, because that episode triggered a lot of young lgbt people, and the timing of your apology is, well, dubious. what, with the coming conventions and episode 9 coming out? this just all seems insincere. but thank you anyways.

maybe you didn’t intend to bait us, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t. you called fans to the shooting of the finale episode, said to their faces that they were reading too much into lexa’s death, promoted clarke and lexa’s relationship throughout the hiatus, called your show progressive because of clexa, one of your writers went to a forum that was supposed to be an only lesbian space, a safe space, stalked and lurked for months, fed them lies, told the fans to trust her, told them that lexa wasn’t going to die, all the while knowing that she was already dead (she also told us to get counselling for our trust issues. ironic). maybe you didn’t intend to bait us, but the fact that you went through such lengths to make us believe that lexa wouldn’t die doesn’t excuse you from being guilty. you knew all along that there’s a lack of representation for the lgbt community, that’s why you kept calling your show progressive, yet you still lied to us and fell into the trope. “we didn’t mean to do that, sorry” simply isn’t enough. i’m trying to be respectful here but, seriously? did you think this letter would suffice? after 3 weeks? after a year of heavily promoting c/lexa and courting your lgbt fans?

be aware of the representation on your show and how killing 1 POC or LGBT character has very different implications than killing a white straight character in this day and age where representation is still low across the medium and killing off one minority that diminish that representation by large margins; and how those patterns have been in place for decades and that means killing a gay post-apocalyptic character with a stray bullet is not shocking or daring, it’s just repetitive and hurtful.

anyways. im calling bullshit on this apology but thank you for trying. after 3 weeks. just before the cons! your attempt is so transparent, you really need a new pr team. again, thanks but bye

ps: javi did a way better job than you. you should ask for his advice :)

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