Girl’s day!!

It’s was a girl’s day full of shopping and food! Somehow the girls have become short on clothes. We didn’t bring much when we first came over and now what we brought is getting pretty ratty or somehow lost. I love shopping over here because everything is such a good price.

But before we could look at clothes we needed to go into the Market Square. Before we even flew over the Atlantic Ocean Jane and Lucy asked if they could get a Russian doll when we got here. With only a week and a half left I thought today would be a good day to look.

On the way we saw this guy meditating in the park. The little girls were scandalized by him not wearing a shirt while Lily and I were wondering how cold he must be in the 45 degree weather and icy winds. That’s one dedicated meditator.

When we got in the square we had to stop for a Chimney Cake filled with caramel. Oh yeah!

Like I said, it was windy.😄

We got to the shop and these are the ones the girls picked out. They are really cute!

We headed back to the mall and picked out some clothes for all the girls and the two little girls got a more light weight jacket for the two weeks we travel around before we come home. Time for lunch!

We ate at Pizza Hut and each got a mini pizza. It was fun just hanging out us girls talking and laughing just like a group of girls should. The boys say tomorrow is their turn.😄

A little gelato for the way home and we were ready to go. I know, it was a food filled day!

We got home and settled in a bit. I needed to pick up, get dinner situated and get ready because Levi and I were going out to dinner with Radek and his beautiful fiancé Anna.

I met them all at the office and we took an Uber to a great Japanese/Korean restaurant.

The food was so great but the company was better. We sat for hours talking about the differences between Poles and Americans, Polish history, current events, movies, and other things. I loved sitting and talking with Radek and Anna. So many interesting stories and conversations, it was such a great night. They were so generous and kind and I wish we had done this sooner.

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