My early Valentines Day present!!

Levi bought me the Stain Glass Girl for an early Valentine’s gift today.❤️❤️❤️

We were grabbing some lunch and he asked if I wanted to go get her now. He thought it would be a great keepsake and reminder of Poland. And he knew how much I loved her. I was so excited!

When we walked by she wasn’t in the window anymore.😳 Both of us stopped and looked at each other. We went inside and there she was moved to a different spot. Levi said we should get lunch first so we didn’t have to carry it around.

We went to a place called Mango Mama. They served Indian and oriental food. It was so good!!

Samoas and spring rolls.😋

Levi got a yummy mango yogurt drink.

I got a Pad Thai that was amazing. Levi got a chicken and rice dish that I didn’t get a picture of before he ate most of it. We both agreed we would be back.

On a side note, you might be wondering why we go out to lunch or dinner without the kids a lot. The reason is because they don’t want to go.😄 We ask but they would rather stay in than going out in the the thirty degrees weather. They don’t want to bundle up and walk all that way just to eat. We on the other hand love it. They would rather stay cozy and warm, have a sandwich and watch a movie. It’s also nice to check places out to see if it would be good for all of us to go when the weather warms up. We do make them go out to see cool stuff but not to eat. It’s become our little dates that we love when we get to do.

Anyway, after lunch we went back to get the Stain Glass Girl. When we walked in there were two couples, one older and one younger, standing around her talking. They seemed very interested. I motioned to Levi to just go tell the guy we wanted it. As he was doing this the people scattered a little bit and were looking at other things. When the man took it down I heard one of the women say to the other, “I think they are buying that girl we wanted.”😬

Sorry lady, I have been looking at her for a month now. She belongs with us, back in California, reflecting bright colors on our walls and our lives.😊 The Stain Glass Girl makes me very poetic.

The people left as he was wrapping her up. With our treasure in hand we left feeling a little naughty for snatching her up so fast but mostly relieved we got her. I don’t know why I feel so attached to her. I know she is just a thing and if something happened to her it wouldn’t ruin me but I love her and I am so glad she is mine.

I have to take a minute to say how sweet Levi is. I won’t gross you out gushing over him but I love him so much and he is so good to me. Always blessing me more than I deserve.❤️

On the way home we stopped by a toy store and got a puzzle. We really needed a different pastime around this place. I took the table from the kitchen and turned that area into a sitting room.

I took the table out to the living room and made it our puzzle table.

It’s 1,000 pieces so it should keep us busy for a little while. 😊

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