Random pictures of Wroclaw.

Moat is melting
Interesting place to put your garbage
So pretty
I’d love to see this in the spring when the vines are blooming
Where the new Droplr office will be (hopefully)
Little cafe
Don’t want to lose those dishes!
Alleyways everywhere
I like this picture
H&M in the oddest of places
The horse carriage is out!
There are garbages everywhere! How long did it take to find this rock and balance it above their napkins?
What did this look like a hundred years ago?
Our street needs a good cleaning😄
The birds must not like be that hungry 😄
Flowers for sale everyday in the square
I don’t think our stairs are up to code, but I like them

And lastly I will tell you a funny tidbit. Levi and Radek were talking about the difference between things Americans would say and what a Polish person would say. Radek said they would never say, “I finished that task” or “I brought you a gift”. Instead they would say, “The task is done” or “This gift is for you”. They think it is rude or boastful to bring attention to others that they were the ones that did something. They just let people know it is done. Interesting.🤔 I kind of like that.

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