Sam Update

So this boy just wasn’t getting better. I knew we needed to get him to the doctor. Amazing thing is some of the doctors here will come to you.😳 Say what!?!

Levi found a pediatrician that spoke English online and I gave her a call. She said she would come when she was done at the hospital. Apparently everyone over here has been just as sick as every back home. This is just a really bad winter for everyone!

It was amazing to know the doctor was coming and I didn’t have to bundle Sam up and go sit in a waiting room for a long time.

She texted me when she was down at the door. On the way up she asked all about Sam and his symptoms.

When she got in she sat on the floor. She sanitized her hands, listened to his chest and back and looked in his mouth and ears. My mama intuition was right. She said he definitely has pneumonia in his right lung. Poor boy. She wrote him a prescription, ruffled his hair, I paid her $30, she said to call her if he didn’t start getting better and was gone.

I loved Dr. Anna!! She was probably in her late 20's. She introduced herself to all the kids. She said she loved kids, that’s why she went into pediatrics. She was great with Sam and super laid back. I wish she could always be our pediatrician.

Levi and I went to a pharmacy that was a block away. As we were walking it started to snow. It was so pretty.

Picture doesn’t do it justice. Just trust me.

The pharmacy was super cute.

It literally took 2 minutes and cost $4.31. Ummm, yeah.

We are home and cozy now and Sam had his first dose. Tomorrow he should be so much better but I will have him stay in for a few more days.

What a great experience!

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