The kids got to eat at one of the oldest restaurants in Europe.

Today was one of the warmest days we have had since we got here. It was up to 45 degrees and looks like it might stay there for a while. Yay!! We thought it would be a great time to take the kids out for dinner.

Before that I was on the hunt for bathing suits so we could go to the indoor water park here. I looked up online department stores and look what I found.

Not to be confused with T J Maxx.😄 I was so excited to find everything we needed and for that great T J Maxx discount price, which is even better here in Poland.

I found this store in another mall area that was in a different direction than the one I usually go to and only about 15 minutes away. This will be a fun new area to explore. Especially if the temperatures keeps going up.

As I was heading home I spotted another thrift store.

This one is a little bigger than the other one. The funny thing is there is one row of stuff hanging in the window and the rest of the store is just big bins of stuff you have to rummage through. Some day when I have nothing to do I would love to spend a a couple hours there.

I did see this poking out of one of them and had to get it. This baby cost me a whopping 15 cents. Such a fun treasure to bring home!

When I got home the kids and I left to meet Levi at the restaurant. We got there and were seated at a huge sitting area but small table.

We were trying to see how we would eat here but all of us were sitting about two feet away from where our plate would be. This wasn’t going to work. We asked to sit at a different table and moved here.

This was much better. Do you see our big bottles of water? No tap water here. It is still so weird for me to pay for bottled water when we go out to eat. We each picked something out on the menu.

The little ones got pasta.

Levi and Jack got a pork dish and Lily and I got a mushroom stuffed chicken.

And Sam got a huge plate of ribs!😄 We were cracking up when it came but he ate that meal like a man! Nothing was left. Actually nothing was left of anything after we all tasted everyone else’s dinners and finished things the other didn’t want.

I’m really glad we came here. It was something I really wanted to kids to do. To eat in a 700 year old restaurant doesn’t happen everyday and now they can say they have.

On the way home we decided to end the night with some steamy hot chocolate.

We got home, got cozy and warmed ourselves with yumminess. We had some FaceTime with Bita and Bompa and then with Tia Claire, Auntie Jen and the babies.

We cant wait until we get to see everyone’s real faces! Until then we will keep exploring and finding amazing things to write home about.❤️

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