Time to put my big girl pants on and go get us some food.

So apparently the pollution is pretty bad and people are being told to stay inside. That mixed with the cold weather made me happy to hibernate the last couple days but we started running out of food so I went out.

While I was out I went by a place I have been wanting to try for a while now.

I have tried going in here before but nothing is in English, no one spoke English, and it was underground so my translating app wouldn’t work. I decided to try again.

One of the ladies spoke a little. She understood pepperoni so I was set.

While I was waiting this little girl came in. It’s really cute, a lot of the kids just wear snow gear. I bet my kids wish they had some. My Tostini was done and I left with this amazingness.

It cost 5,50 in zloty($1.35). I ate this as I walked to the post office.

I finally found it tucked back behind a big brown building. I sent a couple postcards and a package. The lady didn’t speak any English but my translating app did work there. It cost 30 zloty for the package ($7.39) and the postcards were 10 zloty each. ($2.46) Not too bad and should get there in a bout 10 days. Time to go to the store.

So this is how most people do it here. You can also put another cart on the bottom. Another funny thing is the music they play in the stores. Actually, every time we hear the radio here we laugh. They will be speaking really fast in Polish and then all of a sudden Shania Twain or old school Brittney Spears will come on. The mall plays more Sia or Beyoncé. It is always English songs though. I’m curious who the famous Polish singers are and what their songs sound like.

Tonight we are having Spanish rice with shredded chicken in it. I was was really excited to find these chips!

They have a cheese flavor but are the closest thing I have found to tortilla chips. “A Spoon For Every Bite” for this family tonight.😄 I also found sour cream!

Ok, all of the yogurt and sour cream and anything in a container like this does not come with a lid after you open it. Sometimes you can reuse the top but not tonight. I will have to use my tin foil.

This is my tin foil. It came just like this. No box. No cutter. Just a roll of tin foil. Maybe that is why everything is so cheap here. They don’t spend a lot of money packaging stuff. I don’t really mind the differences though. Like I’m camping or something. Except we having bathrooms and heating and a big screen TV.😄

This is another thing I got at the store. Wafers are huge here. They come in all different flavors and sizes but you always know that whatever store you go in they will have them.

On my way back I brought Levi and Radek lunch. What else but Tostinis! I haven’t been to the little room they are renting right now while looking for a real office. It was cute.

This is really a room for rent, hence the bed up the stairs. That’s Radek sitting down. He was a super nice guy. He translated the rest of the Tostinis menu for me. I’m going to have to try the bacon and onion one next. I also need to start following Rosalyn’s body positive blogs.😂 I am definitely going to be coming home a couple pounds heavier than I left. Here are some other pictures of the office.

Dinner was pretty good tonight.

Simple but filling. Just perfect for us right now.

A homeschooling family of eight from California goes to Poland in the Winter/Spring of 2017.