Tonight Levi took me to Bernard’s.

This place is great! I forgot to take a picture of the appetizers. We were so hungry they were gone in minutes. Bacon wrapped plums, bread toasted with mozzarella and tomatoes, and sausages wrapped in a crescent roll. So good!

Levi got the duck with glazed apples and sweet potatoes.

I got the pork schnitzel and fritz. I made sure it was pork.😄 I sure do like schnitzels.😋

We sat and talked about our days. Today the kids and I learned about Oskar Schindler in preparation for our trip to Krakow. I like how the documentary put it, he was the scoundrel savior. So interesting if you ever have time to look him up.

Levi had a good day at work. Only three more weeks left before we leave Wroclaw so he is trying to make sure the team is set up and has everything they need before we go.

The nights are so much nicer now. I don’t know if I am use to it or what but I enjoy walking around the city at night.

I love stopping to look at this guys books. They are never in English but the books are fun to look at. He had some old Polish Anne of Green Gables and Disney books that were really cool. It’s just fun to look.

Oh! And Levi said today Radek finally answered our question about the “little houses” we always see on the outskirts of the city.

Remember these? Tiny little houses and yards? I didn’t get a great picture of the garden areas but they are cute.

Radek says these are little places that people who live in the city can rent to make a garden and spend some time outdoors. What a great idea! The houses are probably about 100–200 square feet but they are perfect to go spend a night or two away. People will go out and BBQ and work in their gardens when it warms up. I love this! If we lived here year round I would totally rent one. Or maybe 4 for our family.😄 Thanks Radek for clearing that up!

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