Took these two to the park today.

Just a short post today. It was 52 degrees outside. The warmest it has been since we got here. I really wanted to take all the kids to the park but Charlie woke up with a fever and Jane’s stomach hurt. Jack and Lily were still doing school so I just took Sam and Lucy.

They were so cute acting like spies hiding behind stuff and looking around before they jumped out and ran. They get a lot of pent up energy being inside the apartment so much.

They had a lot of fun. I wish I could have brought all the kids out. The rest of the week is suppose to be cold and rainy so today was our only day for a while.

While they swung on the swings I sat in the sun soaking up all the vitamin D I could get. It felt really good to feel the sun and not be cold. I actually got warm walking to the park.

After about an hour we decided to go to a nearby bakery to get some treats for dessert tonight. They had some really good butter cookies so we each got one for the walk home. We had a nice little trip out. It’s always fun in a large family when you see a couple of your kids, that normally don’t play alone together, bond. Makes this mom heart happy.

We weren’t gone that long but it felt good to get out. Charlie went to bed early and Jane is feeling better although I can tell she is not 100%. If you guys think of us will you pray for the kids health? It always seems like someone is sick this winter, and sadly Sam and Charlie have gotten the worst of it. As a mom in another country with sick kids I have felt a whole new level of stress I haven’t felt before. Any prayers would be appreciated.❤️