We went to church here today.

This morning ambitious Levi went for a 5 mile run. I stayed home and looked up kitchen ideas on Pinterest.😄 When he got back we walking to the Sunday market.

Levi got this and some coffee. The half eaten one was egg and veggie and the roll was pork filled. I got a potato one. Yum! 😋

I also got some dark chocolate. Then we headed home. We all lazed around doing our puzzle, reading and napping until it was time to go to church at 4 pm.

This church was beautiful. It is a Catholic Church that started in 1913. The organ sounded amazing.

Today was a nice day. It was a high of 43 degrees but the sun was out which makes such a big difference. This church also had no heater and we could see our breath but it wasn’t as cold as the one that made Sam cry.

I have to say I got choked up a little. It has been over a month since I have been in a English service and to hear the scripture and say the creeds with everyone was good for my soul. It is fun to go to beautiful churches but it is different to be apart of a service. And this is the only English one in Wroclaw so we will definitely come back.

After church was over we walked to sky tower.

We wanted to go to the top but the next tickets weren’t for 2 hours. We decided to try on a later day. We still have over a month here so we can wait. We hear it is pretty cool though.

We headed home for left overs and more relaxing. It was a good Sunday.❤️

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