A grocery store!

Ok, so this is no Walmart but it was more like what I have been looking for. Finally, a place where I could stock up a little.

So I woke up early this morning, because apparently 4:30am is when I wake up now, and got ready. I was going to go to Lidl, a real grocery store. I called an Uber, which has cost me around $2 every time I have used it. The store opened at 8am. I was there a couple minutes before it opened along with five other people. It was a crazy 13 degrees but not so bad because my Uber was toasty warm.

Well this was interesting

I went to get a cart and saw this. You have to pay $.25 to use a shopping cart. That was new. Sadly I forgot my change back at the apartment. Luckily I walked in and saw these.

I was going to have to carry everything I bought to meet the next Uber and up our stairs so I shouldn’t by more than what was going to fit in this anyway.

This store reminds me of an odd Grocery Outlet. You’re not going to be able to find everything you need, but you will find some good deals.

This butter was about $1.25 and milk is about $.50 a quart. And a quart is the biggest I have seen it sold in, which is fine because there wouldn’t be much room for anything bigger in the fridge. I was able to get a whole chicken for $5.00, frozen berries for $2.50, a bag of dried cranberries for $2 and a lot more. I got cereal, oatmeal, mayo, mustard, pickles, ketchup, bread, tortillas, hotdogs, French fries, coffee, pierogies, fun candies for the kids to try and lots of other stuff. I got tin foil, sandwich bags, cling wrap and parchment paper. Down the middle of the store were clothes and toys and household stuff. I found a cute long sleeve hoodie to wear around the house and a dot to dot and number coloring book to keep the little ones busy.

In all I spent $63.24 and got all of this

This bag Serena gave me has been a lifesaver. It can carry quite a heavy load. As I put my stuff on the conveyor belt I realized once again that I was buying way more than anyone around me. They probably aren’t feeding 8 people but still, do they shop everyday?!? Does anyone stock up a little? Maybe that is just an American thing.

The sweetest older man got out of line to help me bag my groceries. He kept smiling and nodding. Restoring my faith in Polish kindness. He was genuine and sweet.

And how cute is this?!?

Also, I don’t know if you can see but there are no magazines. I haven’t seen one in any store I have been in. Kind of refreshing.

Everyone I saw, while I was waiting for my Uber, got a bag or less of groceries and then came to this ledge to organize it. The line was very fast pace.

I got home and Levi went to the office.

Levi showed me me this little bakery that I thought I would get lunch at. This is what I got.

It was only about $6 for all of this!

My lunch date was pretty cute too.❤️

Once again the kids stayed in the house today. It is suppose to warm up tomorrow but Sam is still not better. I will post on that tonight. I need to get them out soon though. There is only so long 6 kids can stay inside a tiny apartment without irritating each other to death. They have been so good though. I can’t imagine being cooped up with a better group.

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