Date a Girl who Writes !

Date a girl who writes, and instead of fancy flowers buy her rare books! Dating a girl who reads may create sensation in your mind but to find a girl who writes can make your world magically unbounded by imagination. She might not use your name in her stories but believe me you will end up being the center of inspiration for her writing, depends on how much you mean to her in her life !

For a girl who writes may create two different images in your mind, she can be an avid reader yet manage to write something of her own on those blank pages. She will never deny to fill those yellow pages with her colorful words. If you find a girl carrying her laptop with a cup of coffee, just look at her gracefully, you might fall in love with the designer shadow she has created under her eye bags! She might be unaware of the world, so you might spot her with her old blue jeans and an untucked, unbuttoned shirt! She might have those rough shoes and be totally into the imagination about Cinderella! She doesn’t care what is the outside weather and how much the sun is burning her skin, all she cares is to adjust the right brightness of her laptop!

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Be with a girl who writes, You’ll know the sense of humor she is carrying with her, she can be a sarcastic bitch and she can be a motherly figure when you need empathy and kindness! She will always put you in joy and surprise with her new story, observe her every word she is choosing for you! She will extend your dreams and give you words when you are half stuck in between a line! In her notebook you’ll always find a reserved page about you. She will amuse you with her observation about you, you’ll end up achieving all her messages she once sent you.

She’ll be all like creating a character from light to dark, from a warrior to philosopher, love to hate and reader to writer. She knows happy ending always takes bit of time in friction as well as in reality. Don’t lie to her, she will understand the formation of those words, don’t be too frictional, because she is Real!

She won’t leave you when you’re fucked up with your mind, she understands the human nature more than you do!

She is the creator of those beautiful thoughts you have read once on her blog or in an unfinished article in her laptop. She knows that reality sucks and it’s nothing like the story she creates, because while creating the storyline she lives in reality.

Be with her as she will create the memories with you, in her journal at midnight, she can be able to walk miles with you telling all her fantasies and sharing the secrets while holding your hand and whispering gently in your ear. Buy her books without any special occasions. Sit next to her and tell your stories, she might be interested knowing how your day was! A girl who writes is also the best listener, and a secret holder. After few years you might find a story about you, in her blog or in her books. Write her something beautiful because a girl who writes always fall in love with a person who takes a little effort to write something for her.

She will guide you, tell you the perfect quote on right moment when you need the motivation, even though she is not right beside you, you will find her words in your laptop, in you mail folder or in your heart! You will never lose her, her words always be with you. At least be a friend with a girl who writes, all her tweets might turn out to be about you, she will be all witty with her words, because she knows how to play with words. Never ask about her unfinished article, only she knows that until the very end she is stuck to that unfinished writing, give her time to value your importance, read her writing she has written for you, about you, you’ll know how much she values you.

When you come up with the thought : “She is a damn writer” understand you have already fallen in love with her. When she writes about happy story she is joyous , when she is depressed she might end up creating a lonely poem, when her writing shows inspiration, find her with self motivation. She is that bitter with her writing like the first alcohol, she is sweet with her writing gradually like the first hug and she is a bold writer like a passionate kiss. She knows everything, still creates the imaginary world, because she knows how to live with multiple characters in a single story called LIFE..!