Symbowl — Finding my inner flavor

Can a visit to a health food restaurant really help you find your inner flavor? For me, it did. I learned how to love my gut — by feeding it well and trusting it at all times.

Eating yummy food is so much more than trying to be healthy for me. It’s about getting out in the community and feeling comfortable in the space, especially since I go to restaurants alone often. I am a very spontaneous person, so I have a tendency to eat when and where I want which usually means solo. Being that I traveled for business and called on restaurants for over 13 years of my career, I am perfectly comfortable and actually enjoy that way of life (my gypsy sol side). Freedom is what I seek, and having a variety of delicious food is what I crave — some may say I am spoiled, I say it’s a choice.

My strongest cravings for Symbowl come when I am feeling my lowest. It seems to come on the days I need a friendly face and nutrient-dense food because I was out the night before indulging on sugar and wine. With my body screaming at me for goodness and my mind needing motivation, I know where to go. My go-to is a bowl with beef, “Rake It” through the garden with vegetables (meaning everything), spicy miso yaki for the sauce, on top of quinoa. It is always enough to take home for a 2nd round later which makes me doubly happy.

What does this have to do with finding my inner flavor (Symbowl’s tagline by the way)? Besides the amazing food that makes me hum (yes, I still hum like a child sometimes…it’s a sign my belly is saying yum), Symbowl is so much more. I will forever be grateful for my friend Kim telling me about it one day when I was complaining that I missed the healthy restaurant scene of Chicago. Ever since I found it, it’s been my go-to for many occasions — date with my Dad, catering choice for family dinner, my 44th birthday night out (they offer a great Chef’s dinner), meeting with a mentor, solo spontaneous excersions, semi-romantic dates (these are rare for me…lol).

I digress, back to my favorite part of Symbowl…

Do you have someone in your life that you semi-stalk (I use stalking as a term of endearment since my sales days) because they are so cool and raise your vibe? With Symbowl, I always go in hopes of seeing the owner, Becky. She is one of the most genuine, brightest, and wisest people I have ever met. Due to her role as a Boss Lady and success of multiple new locations, I don’t see her as much as I used to… thank goodness for social media (stalking).

No doubt, I love the food, but my true inner flavor was discovered though Becky. She has inspired me more than she will ever know and the magic seems to flow when I am around her. My first aha moment there came in the summer of 2015 when I was struggling with my next steps in life. There, I realized I could start small with my plan to open a wellness center and didn’t have to succumb to the mindset of the “go big or go home” attitude of success. As I was leaving the restaurant, on a whim, I Googled commercial rooms for rent and the first place that showed up in the search is where I landed. I was able to start my business, Sol Sweat, 3 months later. The location was right down the street (well a long street) and I anxiously drove over there and knew it was the perfect space, even though it kind of resembled a shack at the time. A few weeks after that realization, I was working on my business plan in my car at Symbowl, on my phone, on a scorching day, with a smoothie in hand. Becky noticed and asked what the heck I was doing and how could she help me. I had seen her before but this was our first conversation. I still laugh at that interaction today — she was brutally honest which is a characteristic I adore.

Another time, I was in there eating and finally ready to share what I was doing — and Becky took the time to give me a list of resources to call. I though, “Who is this lady?” Soon, it started to make sense why I was so drawn to Symbowl (besides the awesome food, of course). The first name she wrote was Gina Nicole, Angel Intuitive. I love my angels and was curious. What does Gina do, and how will this help me with my business? My open mind was intrigued and she was the first person I called (and actually the only one I called so far — the lists is still on my bulletin board when I need it).

Both Becky and Gina have really taught me to trust my intuition and do things that feel good to me. They shoot it to me straight with no chaser and open my mind to what I already know. They push me to own my power and follow my passion. Just today, I needed some insight from Becky so I scheduled an appointment. After telling her about my desire and fear to use my voice to help others find their Sol, I walked away feeling brave enough to finally start my blog… hence, this story.

Everyday, I am seeking and finding my inner flavor. To see everything link together, one step at a time has been amazing. It’s truly the journey and not the destination.

Was it a sign or was it a symbowl? Either way, I am grateful that I can soak it all up and continue to share the love with others.

Peace, Love, and Sol,

Gypsy Sol